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With the introduction of pathogens in soft tissues, infectious granulomas are formed, in which accumulations of mycelium of radiant fungi - drusen are found. Over time, as a result of infection with staphylococci (most often), abscesses develop in the granulations, with the breakthrough of viagra fistulas form. Further, pathogens, due to the production of aggression enzymes, spread through the subcutaneous tissue, with blood flow and through the lymphatic vessels into tissues with a low oxygen content. As a result of infection, a specific sensitization and allergic restructuring develops in the patient's body, which leads to the formation of antibodies. Rice. 8. With the introduction of actinomycetes in soft tissues, an infectious granuloma is formed (Sildenafil), where accumulations of mycelium of radiant fungi - druses (photo on the right) are found.

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When the disease affects various organs and tissues, but the most common actinomycosis of the maxillofacial region and abdominal organs. Less common is thoracic actinomycosis, damage to the mouth and nose, tongue, tonsils, genitourinary organs, central nervous system, mycetoma or Madura foot, etc. The disease is characterized by a diverse clinical picture, which is associated with numerous localizations of lesions and a long progressive course. The incubation period ranges from 2 weeks to several months and even years.

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The fistulous passages are tortuous, filled with granulations and pus. The mouths of the fistulas are retracted, forming a roller-shapeddeep folds. Their color becomes purple-blue. Detachable from fistulas, odorless. In the released purulent masses, a large number of pathogen drusen in the form of granules are found. Granules of yellowish or white color, 2 - 3 mm in diameter. The wall of the infiltrate thickens over time, which gives it a characteristic woody texture. Fistulas gradually scar. Pain syndrome is not expressed.

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Rice. 9. Many fistulas are a characteristic feature of actinomycosis. Actinomycosis of the maxillofacial region. Among all forms of the disease, actinomycosis of the face accounts for 55 to 60%, among all inflammatory lesions of the face and lower jaw - from 6 to 10%. The disease proceeds for a long time, complications of viagra pills infections are often noted. When the disease affects the skin of the cheeks, muscles, lips, tonsils, tongue, salivary glands, larynx, trachea, eye sockets and lymph nodes.

The appearance of a lesion is recorded only when an inflammatory infiltrate of the subcutaneous tissue is reached and fistulas form. A tumor-like formation or a dense infiltrate most often appears in the region of the angle of the lower jaw, less often localized on the cheek, anterior surface of the neck and chin. The lesion has a bumpy appearance due to the presence of multiple very dense infiltrates, each of viagra has a fistulous course, from which purulent masses are released with small inclusions in the form of grains of a grayish or yellowish color, which are druses of actinomycetes. Pain syndrome is not expressed. Sometimes the patient has a low fever. The disease proceeds for many months, but is comparatively easier than in other forms of the disease. Lymphogenic spread of infection is not observed. Very rarely, actinomycosis of the bones of the lower jaw is recorded, simulating a tumor and banal osteomyelitis.

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